Deep Conversation

Jan 31, 2021    Leah Bussert
God wants to take your relationship to the next level because we were designed to have deep conversations with our Creator

The Creator created YOU to have a life full of substantial conversations and treasured talks.

Genesis 3:8

Lam 3:23

“If God has your heart, you’ll hear His heart.” - Ron

Jesus had the difficult deep conversation with God so we would be able to have our treasured talks with Him.

In deep conversation with God, we get corrected, comforted, celebrated and we get to collaborate with Him.

When you get into deep conversation with Jesus:
• He tells you you’re loved
• He gives you purpose
• He binds you up and heals your heart
• He catches your tears
• He challenges you
• He gives you dreams
• He feeds you
• He takes away fear
• He corrects you
• He reveals truth to you