Who we are


Our mission statement is more than a catchy slogan. It's our discipleship strategy and vision for for impacting our community.  If an idea, plan, or program isn't “CONNECTING PEOPLE TO GOD, PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, AND PEOPLE TO PURPOSE,” it won't find its way to our calendar or to-do list.
 We're all about connecting people to JESUS and his redemptive work in our world.His legendary ability  to redeem, reconcile, and restore is the big news of the biblical narrative. Real deal relationship with Jesus is the key to overcoming. Believing in and connecting others to that reality is what we're all about and why 828 Church exists.


These values are the heartbeat of who we are as a church.
Everything we do is funneled through these principle.


Jesus is always the big deal. It’s His church, not ours. Whatever we’re doing, whenever and wherever we’re doing it, He gets center stage and decision making privileges. The most significant factor in every meeting is an encounter with the risen Christ!


Life is like a movie, and everyone has good and bad scenes. Grace simultaneously takes and gives time to work in the lives of others. We place a high premium on not judging people based on a moment, but rather loving people for the long haul. The Bible is clear: God finishes what he starts in each of us. It just takes time, and we love God and others enough to give it. (Philippians 1:6)


We are better together! The best thing about the family of God is that it’s the “family” of God. We weren’t meant to go it alone. There’s no such thing as a “holy hermit.” You may have heard the battle strategy “divide and conquer,” and that’s exactly what our enemy tries to do. Life is hard enough when we do it together; it’s almost impossible when we do it alone. Getting and staying connected is critical and we’re not interested in doing church any other way! (John 10:10; Romans 14:7)


Having Church is Great, Being the Church is Greater. We love to worship, and we love to consider what God’s word has to say about the lives we’re called to live. Sunday is a day we get to do that together! But as important as Sundays are for us, the other 6 days of the week belong to God as well. We’re convinced that an effective daily walk is the life of worship God desires and deserves. (Romans 12:1; Acts 5:42)


Serving is the Family Business
Being a part of the family of God comes with both privileges and responsibilities. Ironically the responsibilities are simultaneously a privilege. Such is the case with serving. In fact, you might even say our family has a family business, and serving is our business. (Mark 10:42)


In the way we give and live.
Generosity is a matter of the heart. We invest in what we value and believe in. As followers of Christ we are meant to care about what He cares about and to give and live like we do. Talk is cheap but action isn’t. Living our ourselves and our resources back to God is an unbelievable blessing. After all He gave all He had for us and we can never hope to out give our gracious God! (Proverbs 19:17 & Matt. 6:19-21)

Lead Team

Ron Barnard

Lead Pastor
Ron is married to Karen and has two sons and three grand-children. He has been the lead pastor of 828 Church since it began in 2015.  He has a huge heart for missions and seeing the lost found.

Leah Bussert

Executive Pastor
Leah Bussert is married to Dillon and they have three children. Leah has been a part of 828 Church since its beginning. She is the Executive Pastor and loves working with the team to see ideas and visions come to fruition in our church and world.

Jacob Barnard

Worship / Creative Pastor
Jacob is married to Christi and they have two adorable children. Jacob has been a part of 828 Church since it began, and has a huge heart to see God move in our world. He leads the worship and creative teams.

Tex Trammel

Care Pastor
Harold "Tex" Trammel is one of the spiritual fathers of 828 Church. Tex has been a part of 828 Church since it began in 2015. He loves caring and praying for people. You will often find him on his bicycle, as he is an expert biker.

Chad Wallace

Men's  Pastor
Chad is married to Lindsay and they have two children. Chad has been a part of 828 Church since it began. He has years of experience in the corporate world and brings that knowledge and leadership to the team. He has a huge heart for family and wants to see them healthy and whole.

Staff Team

Lindsay Wallace

Administration Pastor

Christi Barnard

Youth Pastor

Tyler Simmons

Youth Pastor

Kenzie Knautz

Communications Pastor

Angie Lewis

Dream Team Coordinator / Women's Pastor

Stephanie Beauchamp

Kid's Pastor

Rowena Hall

South Location Dream Team Coordinator

David Muse

Band Leader/Project Coordinator

Steven & Beth Moody

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry 

Jud Smith

Tech Team Coordinator

Dillon Bussert

LiveStream Coordinator

Rebecca Bowie

Administrative Assistant

CJ McCauley

Young Adults Pastor

Carlee Kennedy

Young Adults Pastor